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An alternate identity for the Invisible Ceiling Cat who is often not amused.
Dave: What the fuck was that?

Matteo: I'm pretty sure it was Gekki. He pissed on my face.
by Schrute Beet Farms November 10, 2009
For someone who is very very very rude.

A derogatory term for someone who is extremely rude.

A person who can be really rude, almost like a bitch
Yea, don't bother asking her for chips, she's really gekki
by thecoolkidontheblockwhoisaboss April 29, 2011
a boy born of peruvian parent which has antlers and a problem ridding himself of his virginal burden.
Look at Peter! He is clearly such a gekki!
by misskitty May 01, 2005

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