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Another name for the blumpkin backfire.
The other day when I was giving my boyfriend a blumpkin, all of a sudden, when his tird hit the water my face was inundated by a geisler.
#geisler #geisler family #blumpkin #blumpkin backfire #trent
by Dirty Pirate Hooker2 November 05, 2010
noun: (gee-zler)

POPULARISED by the famous band N'Sync, means to capture on VHS girls kissing and then show it to a whole elementary school.
"Woah, look at that guy, he's totally a Geisler!"

"Did you happen to see that Geisler last night? It was off the chain!"

"All the parents from the parent counsel filed complaints about the Geisler they showed yesterday"

#geisler #alex #geezler #giesler #geesler
by the girl down stairs January 18, 2009
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