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A cross between "Geek" and "Gomer" (as in "Gomer Pyle", the bumbling army private from the television series of the same name). The term "geemer" was popularized by A.J. "Vakodak" and was also used as a term for the once famous international tennis star, Guiliermo ("Geemer") Vilas.
"Look at that guy with the pocket protector and the highwater pants. God, what a geemer!"
by Frank Klaune March 05, 2004
A cute crawly critter from Metroid, it is very undangerous but can still cause an early death to Samus.
The Geemer crawls over the ceiling
by Geemer December 12, 2003
It Reffers To a Normal Geek With Videogame Tendencies or a Gamer With Gadget Nature.

Its The Conjunction Of Geek And Gamer: Gee-Mer
You Are A Geeky Gamer!, So You Are a GeeMer
by Khian Toshiya August 01, 2008
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