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Somebody who is so stunningly school smart, but so sadly an idiot when it comes to street smarts.
Nick was probably the best in the 8th grade, but he was such a geektard that he never left the house.
by PokerFace21 April 04, 2009
Someone who is a loner, pulls there pants up to there belly button, likes to collect stuffed frogs. Is really ditzy
Man oh man, the kid is a total geektard, will he ever give up the side part?
by KiKi January 11, 2005
A relatively smart being that seems only able to harness the worst social traits of geek-ness.
Due to his best pick-up lines also being memes from the early '90s, John was a geektard
by Cosban July 05, 2010
Kevin and Missy
Kevin and Missy are computer geeks and know all the words to Ice Ice Baby. Thus, they are geektards.
by Melissa June 18, 2003
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