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Normally used as a middle name or 'nick name'. Abreviated form of the name 'Gerard'. Gede's are very funny, good looking males who are very smart and have alot of friends and a great sense of humour. They are great at all sports that involve land. eg, sprinting, boxing, but not as strong off the land. eg, swimming, rock climbing. They usually have a large penis and are commonly Gemini's.
"Did you see Gede who won all the track events at the sports carnival? I saw him in the shower, he was a horse! His penis could choke a small mammal!" He was so funny, he started doing 'the helicopter' with his dick.
by parra eels March 06, 2009
Persona insoportable, pesada, que causa molestia
'El flaco no paraba de hablarme, estaba re gede'
by Koicitha October 22, 2013
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