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Military Lingo - A person who always wants the newest scope, site, rail system, or thing that they will never end up using. They will even spend money aquiring this shit knowing full well they will never use it. They are usually RANGER/SF wanna be's. These types are often seen rubing one off to a rangerjoe's magazine
Look at PFC Clark over there with his new M4 Pistol Grip. He is such a gear queer!
by arkieboy72472 August 21, 2008
A person who has a wealth of equipment they really can't use to it's extent. Usually a newbie or some looser who hopes to gain social stature through owning this equipment.
It's clear Jimmy is a gear queer - Look at all that gear he has hanging on his rack - He's only been climbing for a week or two!
by Mark Towe December 06, 2005
One of those people (man or woman), usually not very athletic, who requires extensive amounts of "gear" for their sport of choice. For example, a biker with the spandex jersey, the spandex shorts, color coordinating helmut, water bottle, and fingerless gloves etc. These guys are usually NOT in shape, which provides us with evidence that they just went out and bought up all of the gear for looks.
Any athlete with lots of gear, would be a "gear queer"
by bohrnstedt November 22, 2009
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