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In case you find yourself surrounded by idiots but lacking in actual ways to harm said idiots, you can fire mental lazer beams from your eyes to simulate your distaste with your gaze, aka gazerbeam!
Grace: "wow that girl says the dumbest things"

Barney: "its ok, I just hit her with my gazerbeams"
by gazerette June 29, 2011
A strong, penetrating stare one gives illustrating contempt, approval, lust, and a variety of other emotions.
Dude, that guy was shooting gazer beams at that hot chick all night.

Mom shot me gazer beams when I made a joke about her friends.

"Did you see that guy in the car behind us?" - Driver
"Yeah, he was shooting you gazer beams for the past five miles." - Passenger
"What a douche bag." - Driver
by The Lovdahlinator August 30, 2011
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