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One of Ippo's most destructive punches. It is like a uppercut except you first lower your body then spring up like a gazelle, hence the name. One Gazelle Punch to the jaw/stomach could bring down even the toughest boxer.
Ippo just KOed Vorg with a Gazelle Punch!!
by tensais January 25, 2004
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Similar to the Donkey Punch. When you are having sex doggy-style, as you climax, you give your partner a short jumping uppercut to the jaw as Inner Light by Shocking Lemon plays in the background.
Ippo was having sex with Kumi-chan and, as he was about to climax, his boxing instincts kicked in, and he gazelle punched her as Takamura watched from the bushes.
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by 1.1 Punch Man January 07, 2016

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