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It is a japanese manga drawn by Jyoji Morikawa. It started at about 1987 and its still not finished yet. Hajime no Ippo is about a teenager named "Ippo Makunouchi" who was bullied everyday by a bunch of gangsters because he works at a fishing store and probably smelled like fish. But one day, a passing boxer jogged by and saved him from the gangsters. This boxer is Takamura Mamoru, who instantly became Ippo's idol and introduced him to the Kamogawa Gym and the world of boxing.
Hajime no Ippo is the best manga ever
by tensais January 26, 2004
Ippo's most destructive punch in the manga, Hajime no Ippo. It is the perfect blend between defense and offense. Ippo first start weaving his body and slams full powered hook to the opponent's face with dodging their attacks. For maxium damage, Ippo first uses Liver Blow and Gazelle Punch then end the combo with Dempsey Roll. It is that combo that earned him the Japanese Feather Weight Champion belt.
Ippo just knock Sendo down with a Dempsey roll!!!
by tensais January 25, 2004
One of Ippo's most destructive punches. It is like a uppercut except you first lower your body then spring up like a gazelle, hence the name. One Gazelle Punch to the jaw/stomach could bring down even the toughest boxer.
Ippo just KOed Vorg with a Gazelle Punch!!
by tensais January 25, 2004
One of Ippo's most destructive punches. It is a powerful punch right to the liver, the tricky part is the extra pivot with the left foot to get the momentum to cause major damage. It could be combo-ed into a Gazelle Punch.
Ippo just used his Liver Blow to break Sendo's ribs.
by tensais January 25, 2004

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