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A capability that only gay men possess, and that straight men can only dream of possessing. It derives from a part of the gay man's brain that's shaped like Cher, and is absolutely fabulous.
Was that a perfect triple lutz double toe-loop?

Ya man, and that dude's never ice skated before!

Wow, talk about a gaypability.
by GayBlaine October 09, 2014
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The quality of having the capabilities to be gay.
That "straight" guy at the bar with the pink scarf has total gaypabilities.
by Soupaboi November 28, 2010
Capabilities that gay men possess that straight men do not, often related to dancing, fashion and sassiness.
Girl: Damn, your outfit is hella fresh!

Gay friend: What can I say, color coordination is one of my many gaypabilities! I can also tell that your pleated skirt is fugly.
by BlaineTheGay October 17, 2013

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