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A gay person achieving a high level of fame, but limited to within the gay community.
Ever since he appeared on Logo, that bitch is gaymous!
by MattNYC April 25, 2011
When someone who is almost famous comes out of the closet so they can be famous for being gay.
"He knew his 15 minutes were almost up and he came out of the closet so he could be gaymous for a while longer."

"That guy knew he wasn't going to get drafted high so he came out of the closet. Now that he's gaymous, someone will HAVE to draft him or the league gets sued."
by Benjamin Check February 11, 2014
Someone having a widespread reputation for being gay
ever sense john came out he has been really Gaymous7
by nagamoto21 January 16, 2011
Gaymous is terminology for a celebrity or d-list celebrity that "goes gay" in order to become more famous. Hence the term Gaymous.
"Lindsay Lohan doesn't really eat box, but she's gone gaymous to get more attention."
by Bubblesworth March 01, 2010
extremely gay
adjective form of gaymo
blink-182 is so gaymous
by master finger blaster October 09, 2004
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