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Anti-Gay Spray. (it comes in different stregth. If it is 10 times strong; it's for the full blown gay Fatherfuckers.
We need some gaygon to get rid of Lescardo.
by Ten Times Strong November 26, 2003
A extract of the massively powerful Caribbean Bug spray (Baygon) designed to decompose/nullify the gay spores in infected objects and or people.
Guy1: Hey man here back your Group Se..I mean Deus Ex Cd man.
Guy2:*Takes it and puts it down* Aight man cool.
Guy3:*Comes in with a can marked "GAYGON" and they spray until completely covered*
Guy2: Did we have to finish the can?
Guy3: Yes, the gay is strong in that one...
by Kyle Warrican November 26, 2003
A spray specially formulated for use aganist gay or lescard type individuals, the spray includes scents that frighten and repulse these individuals and causes them to run away or in extreme cases even death, the primary scent used in gaygon is the scent of a womans vagina or any scent associated with a woman.
I saw Gizmo looking at me kind of funny so I went home, got my entire case of gaygon and sprayed the faggot until he died.
by Bob Boberson November 28, 2003
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