Top Definition
1. A person who is somewhat relatable to a douche, yet slightly more sinister.

2. A gay ass of a man.
3. Similar to "Gayface", a typical thing guys say to eachother while talking to eachother.
1. Mike: Man that chick looks super fat in that dress...

Dave: Dude...stop being such a gaybutt and love the booty.

2. Jim: Does my butt look very gay in these?

Harold: Fuck yah dude, your totally rockin' a Gaybutt.

3. Kevin: Yo wassup gayface?

Ray: Not much you queerbaiting gaybutt.

Kevin: Ouch. Uncalled for.
by Turoaralol November 15, 2010
Anything that pisses you off. Also used as Gay Ass
"Thats fricken Gay Butt!!!"
by bOwLiNg4bRoTh85 May 26, 2006
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