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What happens when a person, most likely an adolescent male, reveals that they are gay.

When it is revealed, any girl that knows them immediately wants to be their best friend. Everyone knows this kid. On facebook, if he makes a status showing his gayness, about 50 people like it, because he is gay. It shows that people are sexist in a strange way by using gay-hype.

I am not homosexual, just showing my discontent with this.
Guy 1:"Dude, I hate John so much."
Guy 2:" Yeah! Ever since he turned gay, that fruitcake has gotten a ton of Gay-Hype!"
Dumb Bitch:"Ilovehimsomuchomgggghessocuteilovegaypeople!"

Guys 1&2:"GTFO!"
by Testikill July 07, 2011

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