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A faggot/chav/lackey bastard who sniffs up other people's asses, hoping for them to drop a mere turd that is greater than their whole existence. Most Gay Nieves' are seen wearing too-tight ass shirts, usually with logos of bands. Gay Nieves' mostly just front about liking these bands and have most likely never even heard one of their songs. Gay Nieves' like new girls who like like a mix of Chinese-White-Dog breed. Gay Nieves' are usually cross-eyed, with down's syndrome, and take horrid Myspace picks, usually without clothing on, and nipples hard from watching gay porn.
The Gay Nieves climbed a tree with no shirt on, took out his camera, and posted the pic on Myspace.
#gay #fag #queer #homo #fuckface
by Couchanesia April 03, 2008
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