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A nick name for the Mediocre band, Hey Monday. This band is known for imitating Paramore, and sucking horribly. The lead singer can't sing, and her hair cut is retarded.
Teen#1- Hey have you heard of Hey Monday?
Teen#2- You mean Gay Monday? Dude, they suck.
Teen#3- Yea theyre totally Paramore rip-offs
Teen#4- They suck!
Teen#5- Hate em.
Teen#6- Talking bout Gay Monday? Man are they lame.
Teen#7- My sister almost killed me with that cheap rock shit
Teen#8- Dont think I would have survived.
Teen#9- Gay Monday?! SUCK!
Teen#10- I like em.

1/10 People like Hey- I mean Gay Monday.
by AltRockFan May 26, 2009
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