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Indian name whose meaning is "golden body." Highly judgmental. Gaurangi likes to fall in love with one person and then not fall out of love with them for years at a time, regardless of whether or not she is dating or taking part in a relationship with another person at the time. People of this name like to create clones of themselves to follow them around and copy everything that they do, effectively sacrificing their own soul and personality for that of Gaurangi's. Beware when you come across a species of this nature, as they are highly merciless and will turn vicious as soon as they realize that you do not care for their problems.
Dude, as soon as I tried to change the subject from her complaining about all of her problems, she called me a fucking cunt and slapped me.... What a Gaurangi.
by Hotwire58 July 09, 2011

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