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Gatorsauce is a drink that is 1 parts Whiskey and 1 parts Gatorade Fierce Wild Berry (Classic Gatorsauce), or any flavour the consumer desires.

Originated in Canada.
Brad - Yo lets go make some gatorsauce before the party!

Ken - Alright, You provide the whiskey, I'll provide the Gatorade.

Brad - Don't jimfuck me like that..
by OhCanada! October 30, 2009
slang for gatoraid used mostly by hockey players
Guy one- i went down spino-rama on him then top ched bardown
Guy two - o sick what did you do after

guy one - went back the the B and grabed some gator sauce
by tjuha April 18, 2009
Another name for Gatorade, mainly used by hockey players.
Some gatorsauce would be greezy right about now.
by homebreadfay May 22, 2008
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