A very messy drinking game. In a bar or other watering hole, people pours their beers on the floor or a long table. Then, people take turns running up to the puddle and belly-flopping into it, to see how far along they can slide. Gatoring usualy starts whenever 'Johnny B Goode' comes on the jukebox.
Chuck Berry blared from the bar's jukebox; Jason yelled, "Gatoring!" and the entire party tipped their beers out onto the table.
by Meles Borealis March 22, 2006
Top Definition
The act of submerging oneself in water (typically an Ocean, river or lake) so only your eyes and the top of your head is visible, much like an alligator. Commonly followed by stalking other people in the water and death rolling them.
Andrew – Let’s go to the beach and gator some girls
Adam – I love gatoring
Mark – I’m going to gator some boys
by Ben Johns January 19, 2010
The act of lurking in the depths and lustfully leering at attractive people. So rarely executed by women that his could easily be identified as something that only men perform. This can be performed alone or as part of a group. Taken from how only alligators beady eyes can seen while they keep the rest of their body concealed in the water/reeds.
Most commonly performed by men with low self esteem and couldn't even begin to have a conversation with an attractive woman if they tried.
Me and some colleagues we're at the club gatoring the ladies only to go home alone to 'shake-a-weight'.
by von brutus November 05, 2010

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