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Did you see Tommy deep throat that Gatorade bottle? He go GATORAPED.
by Jimmy Jones III August 23, 2012
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The terrible concocktion of Gatorade mixed with roofies.
Gatorape: Is it in you?
by Whitey McRosenstein December 18, 2009
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The act of a famous sports star, hopefully a Gatorade Spokesperson, getting caught in the act, or after the act, of raping a person or many people.
Person 1: Yo man you hear about that Tiger Woods guy? Apparently he just gone and Gatoraped some people.

Person 2: No, he just cheated on his wife. It was not Gatorape.

Person 2: Yeaaaah but he did lose his partnership with Gaaaatorade.
by Longjohn Van Hugen Dong November 23, 2010
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