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The American version of an English Shandy, where beer and lemonade are mixed. A Gator-Lite is mixing Coors Light, with a Yellow/Lemon Gatorade. About a 2-1 ratio, beer to Gatorade. Invented to extend those drinking days that turn into nights. The Gatorade hydrates you, while still drinking beer. Other cheap light beers and flavors of Gatorade can been used.
Buddy 1: "I wanna keep drinking but I starting to get dehydrated"
Buddy 2: "Have yourself a Gator-Lite"

Duder 1: "Yo, we gonna be drinking in the sun all day and then going out tonite, don't forget to pack some Gatorade in that cooler for a couple of Gator-Lites later"
by Daydrinker August 17, 2013
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