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A part of manchester near G-Mex and Deansgate where on mostly weekends and holidays scene,emo,mosher,goth and other random kids will be found in large groups usually drinking large amounts of alcopops such as Lambrini or Red Square and smoking cheap cigarrettes and maybe taking drugs.

When everyone is wasted off their face such things will happen such as crying over nothing, fights, rape, snogging people you just met and ocasionaly the odd ambulance or police car popping up.
Scene Kid 1 'OMG lets go gasworks and meet soandso from myspace'
Scene Kid 2 'Okayys! Lets buy some cherry lambrini and get wasted!'
by oneofakind2212 January 16, 2007
Gasworks WAS an area next to the mancunian way (opposite the haciencda) where skaters and teen drunks could hang out in the summer.
Until it became boarded up in 2007 for development.
It was covered in street art and empty bottles of Strongbow.
The police would turn up on a regular basis.
Gasworks was amazing.
A well missed hangout for mancunians.
Scene kid: let's go to gasworks.
Scene kid: shit.
by MotherBitchBillie January 27, 2008
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