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A subtle change to the phrase cash point.

A nightclub, pub, whore house, anywhere you expect to have more than it's fair share of fanny.

Any place knee deep in clunge.
"We need to go to the nearest gash point"

"I need a gash point now !"

" I need to go to the gash point.." "Why ?" " I need to get some gash"
by nicegirlsee February 18, 2012
A scoring system designed to allow the fair distribution of sexual favours. Gash points may be achieved by the display of wit, athleticism, physical attributes (ie' genitals) intelligence, skills and wealth.
Playing the guitar while doing pressups? That's worth twenty gash points!
by scottsman_too_hotsman March 07, 2009
An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that charges it's users for the privilege of drawing out cash. Usually located a long distance from its free equivalent (Cashpoint), it is designed to force the user to have to pay money in order to obtain money.
"Gotta get some cash mate, is that an ATM down there?"

"Yeah, but it's a Gashpoint."

"Bollocks, I'll wait until I get into town then."
by RhythmJunky December 21, 2008
A situation arising when one's female consort has control over one's actions through the usually underfulfilled incentive of fuckual relations. Usually occurs when one does not consider oneself worthy of one's gash. A mix of the words 'gash', meaning vagina, and 'gunpoint', suggesting an action to be absolutely obligatory.
Yeah... man, Lucy's got Dave at gashpoint these days.
by Gashatron April 29, 2011
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