You are stuck in a gastank when someone cuts a fart in an enclosed area, like a car or an elevator.
The drive to the beach sucked because Hugh had some serious beer farts and it was raining. I couldn't open my window and my eyes were watering in that gastank.
by Omphalos May 17, 2012
Top Definition
The act of farting inside of a car and locking all the windows, making the people inside suffer.
Fred: Why are you looking at me like that? What's that smell? Holy mother of god, not a gas tank!
by Tammy Tooter September 19, 2011
A reference to one's bottom
Ergh, Jesus christ Gary, shut yer GasTank will ya!
by ShugaDunkerton October 19, 2014
To urinate in a persons rectal cavity. Can be followed by "siphoning" in which a hoselike object is used to siphon out the urine.
After John gastanked Jill, he proceded to siphon out the urine with a straw.
by Kyle J. November 10, 2004
The act of a women giving oral sex, but instead of spitting or swallowing she just lets her moth fill up with the mans cum.
Dude, your girl just gave me a gas tank.
by mister moosecock October 23, 2011
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