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Coined by the Gaming crew PossE, the term Busey'd refers to kicking a player off your gaming team for various reasons...originally intended to make room for a friend, the Busey now includes kicking a player for various reasons.
Kicking a player who is an @**hole results in a 'Juicy Busey'
The phrase was first used in the game Left 4 Dead and of course the first Player's name it was used on...Gary Busey.
The term was coined in 2008.
'Sorry man our boy just jumped online...we gotta give you the Busey'. '....oh ya, chuck you farley, you get the Gary Busey'. 'This guys an A- hole, wanna give him The Busey'?
"ok thats it buddy you just got Gary Busey'd'
by Murmkuma December 26, 2009
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