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A man-bird deity of Hindu-Buddhist myth. I'll bet he was ugly.
Oh look Ghan', another guy dressed up in a bird suit tryin' to make everyone think he's Garuda. Man I hate them...
by Striker X 22 June 08, 2004
The indonesian symbol, normally displayed in every office building, classrooms, etc.
its displayed as a bird with its head looking to its right, its wings fully spread as if taking flight. a shield is attached to its chest having 5 symbols on it
by ikubaru May 28, 2005
A flying enemy in the Metroid series. Purple or red in color, hard armor, swoops down at you. It is found in Norfair.
Meh, red Garudas take waaay too long to kill with ice beam.=P
by Striker X 22 June 08, 2004
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