A Garrett is a small gay elf. it plays with balls yet it insults everybody else for things that don't fit in its anus. often thinks its cooler then everyone. nobody likes a Garrett. See Also Dutch
"Bobby acts like such a Garrett, we should stone him!"
by anonymous6969969669 September 27, 2013
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One who exhibits etreme model like hottness and who drives the ladies crazy in bed
That guy is such a Garrett.
by The incredible hulk June 12, 2005
An extremely hot guy who looks like an Abercrombie Model!!! He is very athletic and all the girls like him.
OMG i just saw Garrett and my heart sunk to my feet!!!
by mgmgmgmgmgmgmg December 30, 2008
Fucking Georgous.
You give all the girls orgasims.
You have big plans in the future.
Very athletic.
Any girl is lucky to have this kid.
I love him to death!!!
Garrett is soo hot!!!!
I want to fuck him.
by Lovers. March 23, 2009
The Most Ahmazingest Guy You'll Ever Meet.
He'll Make Your Heartstop With His Gorgeous Eyes!
"Garrett Ive Always Loved You But You Never Seem To Open Your Eyes To See That Ive Always Been Here Waiting For You To Notice Im Right Here. Ill Always Love You No Matter What, I Wanna Be Yourse Forever And Ever.
You Mean So Much To Me Id Cut My Arm Off Just To Be With You Forever. I Think About You 24/7 All Your Doing Is Running Threw My Mind. I Hope You Understand How I Fell."
True Love Is Hard To Find, You Made It Easy Garrett
by Layla Hope February 05, 2010
Garrett is not too tall, not too short and is probably little nerdy looking. Or even more likely looks like Harry Potter. But defying his looks, is funny, theatrical and the perfect boyfriend in the entire universe! He's humble and truthful, and doesnt deny what he is, you're lucky to have one around your arm and dont let him go. Garrett's are absolutely perfect.
Garrett's are the ideal boyfreind, friend, or brother. Embrace your Garrett.
by probably_an_alien13 December 30, 2012
Absolutely gorgeous guy with the most amazing baby blue eyes you'll ever see and abs TO DIE FOR. His beautiful, thick blond hair is just screaming to have your hands in it. Really athletic - looks even hotter when he's sweaty! Extremely cocky in public, but very, VERY sweet in private. Leaves you begging for more of him. His freckles are so cute you'll want to lick them right off his face. If a girl can get him she better hold on tight because all the other girls would KILL for him.
Did you see that hot guy walk by?
Yeah, he's gotta be a Garrett!
by Frans4Lyf January 08, 2013
awesome sexy guy who has his heart set on finding the right girl and is an amzing incredibly sexy man. his hobbies include airsoft and wrestling. he is often called a teddy bear. he is also incredible in bed.
Garrett you are the sexiest person alive!
by cupcake1897 March 13, 2013
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