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To rub garlic on the head of ones penis after your ex girlfriend told you you had chlamydia and that the natural cure was to rub a clove of garlic under the foreskin onto the head of the penis because its natural antibiotic properties will kill off the disease resulting in a severe burning sensation... this is untrue, and you are such an idiot john. thanks for being a complete moron and believing me.
" i just gave myself Garlic Dick, is it supposed to burn this much?"
"Yes, its a healing burn, like rubbing alcohol"... dumbass.
by cougartown97 April 12, 2010
The stinging sensation and scent from butt fucking the Rigger Monkey after he chows down a Breakfast of Champions with garlic.
Damn, that ho' Rigger Monkey had some garlic in him so now my dick's all skanky.
by donkeycum March 29, 2003
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