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Consumer of large quantities of cum, subject to no limits beyond whatever donors can provide.
That bald freak rigger monkey makes a good Jism Sponge until he leaves the rig!
by donkeycum March 29, 2003
Future job for Rigger Monkey or Mr. Penis Head: work in gay porn film to fluff bottoms.
Desperately Seeking Ass Wrangler: wanted, gay man for preparing film star extras.
by donkeycum March 29, 2003
What runs out of the Rigger Monkey after a return from another death-defying trip servicing his crew.
Man, it's a wonder he has any guts left, about 2 liters of Liquid Spam ran out his ass when we were done!
by donkeycum April 25, 2003
What emits during heavy petting, shortly to be followed by vigorous knob polishing (hopefully).
Damn, two minutes with that Stupid Donkey and my jockeys are soaked with Knob Polish!
by donkeycum March 29, 2003
Your breath smell after munching on a skanky Stupid Donkey.
Damn I woke with Gill Breath!
by donkeycum March 29, 2003
The act of preparing furry female felines for the pleasure of members of the Lake Jackson Symphony Orchestra upon their monthly escape from their trailer-infested strike-ridden swampland.
TD & Smoke souped up their dump truck in anticipation of their trek to search for Kitten Wranglers.
by donkeycum August 18, 2003
When horny denizens exit their plant, they drop by the local turkey shoot to carry out their manly duties, corn-holing any bird's cloaca. The resulting cacophany is recorded by Deutch Gramaphone and marketed as LJSO.
Man, when Rigger Monkey came home, it was Lake Jackson Symphony Orchestra for 20 minutes!!!
by donkeycum March 29, 2003

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