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A lady of great potential, extraordinary talent, and a luminous beauty that shines from within. Known for stubbornness at times and her humorous ways of ridiculing boys.
I shall strive in life to become like Garima.
What would Garima do?
Garima is the light that guides my path
by the wise one January 21, 2005
Garima is the most wonderful person in the world. Her name means dignity in Sanskrit and she emits luminous light to everyone in her life. She is not gullible and she never misses school on test days. She is actually a straight A student and she works very hard. She loves dancing and dance is her life. She will soon be seen on Dance India Dance or somehwhere in Bollywood, even Hollywood. She loves her life and everyone in it.
Wow, Garima is so awesome. She cares for everyone. Oh look! She's on TV :) she's magnificent, wonderful, and joyous. And she loves to dance :)
by Ihacoy October 31, 2010
a girl with a great attitude, so gorgeous with her looks,

she can make any guy fall for her, quite immature but fun loving
garima means gorgerous
by pawan sundriyal February 04, 2013
An extremely gullible person.
David: Hey Garima, did you know I was allergic to ice?
Garima: Oh, really? That's terrible.
by Carena May 14, 2007
One who never comes to class on test days.
Man, she's not here again? What a Garima.
by Collin January 21, 2005
A debutante who believes she's figured boys out, when in reality she's still considered to be "chumbak's woman"
Hey, look, it's Garima.. and she's giving Chumbak a foot massage
by the wisest one of them all January 22, 2005
Ridiculously terrible and heinous person with scabies. Passer of infectious diseases. Needs to marry a plumber because she does not shower.
The mutant in the farm sex lab looks better than Garima
by truth February 10, 2005
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