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Gargoyles are the ancient, dreadful beings that lurk on balconies, usually above pools or hot tubs, looking down on unsuspecting prey. They are also known to inhabit dark corners and video rooms. These beings are similar to their heterosexual cousins known as creeper.
Defenses: The normal defense against gargoyles is a loud verbal acknowledgement of their existence (i.e. Creep, Weirdo, One step closer and I smack your dentures out, etc.) On occasion, over time, a gargoyle will become immune to the verbal acknowledgements and venture down to the pool or deck level. (Tier 1 Gargoyle). In these cases the best defense is to move quickly from the area as they are slow and can’t catch up without blowing a hip out.
Gargoyle (Gay Human Form), gargoyle, weirdo, freak, creeper, old fart
by S. Elsworth August 08, 2008
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