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"Taking A Gargoyle Shit" is the act of perching oneself on the toilet bowl as though they were a gargoyle in order to encourage the flow of the bowels.

This is often seen as a dangerous act if one is not careful: shit may spew.

This is also considered a dangerous act if one is perching oneself on an unsturdy toilet bowl: glass will shatter, then shit will spew.
John: Oh, man, Dan took a gargoyle shit last night. It didn't end up very well.
Michael: Why not, bro?
John: Well, he spewed too hard and shattered the glass and now he's down at the dean's office talking about how he's going to pay for the dorm's toilet.

Erica: I broke up with Anthony last night.
Jenna: How come? You guys were doing so well.
Erica: He took a gargoyle shit and ruined the toilet in my grandmother's house.
by Ja'mie Antoinette April 23, 2011
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