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A very rare name meaning "the ruling sword" or "the spear king" and is easily the ultimate pinnacle of awesomeness, pure badassery, and manliness. People blessed with this name are either very sexy or a person to be very jealous of due to being very funny and awesome, sometimes even both. Woman just can't resist people with this name.
Emily: That person is for sure a Garek.
Bob: How do you know?
Emily: He's freakin' badass, just look at him.
by EmilyIsSexy June 23, 2010
To be and or act in the gayest way possible,To have Upmost Homosexuality.To Humor Ones self with Dry and gay related Humour.
Why do you have to go and be so Garek all the time man.
by Stre8tJaket June 27, 2007
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