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crazy DJ of the trance and dance world
by Anonymous January 29, 2003
Short for Garbage, something that is worthless, having no value,
I would never hang out with the skank, she's garbi!
#trash #rubble #garbage #waste #garbie #garbus #treasure #worthli garbi
by The C opening December 21, 2010
Normal name like any other but is defined as the word "Gay" according to the armenians who live in Lebanon mainly beirutahay
Wow, stop touching me you fag. When did you become a garbis ?
#garbis #gay #homo #fag #beirut
by Like Omg This is insane September 08, 2008
REallY SMaLL PeNis!
WOW thats a garbis alright...
by garbis January 29, 2003
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