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The word's origin has a large history of change from the beginning from the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution in 1793, to the slow and gradual turn to the commonday slang known as "Garbashio" and other variations depending on the of the part of speech it is used as in a sentence.

1. Garbasha related forms: Garbash, Garbashio /adj./: To describe a subject that is or made out of garbage; In most cases it is used as personification about said subject but in uncommon cases may be used in a literal sense.

2. Garbasha related forms: Garbash /noun/: Used when replacing a subjects actual properties to add emphasis on the garbage nature of said subject.

3. Garbasha /adj./: A person who wears worn out and diminshed in worth attire and/or accessories as a personal choice of clothing.
1. Man, this TV is so garbasha. I can't break my .44 K/D R on FPS because its so hard to see of the low quality!

2. John Doe is so bad at basketball, we should start calling him Garbasha whenever he's losing it for out team.

3. He just bought some pre-worn jersey from the Fubu store because it was passed off as "Vintage Clothing", but everyone thinks its actually garbasha.
by Chalkie Studebaker May 04, 2010

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