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If you live in a rich neighbor hood or city and they provide everyhouse with those over sized garbage cans on wheels. Wait till like 4 AM and get a big car like a Suburban or Hummer and have the passenger grab the garbage can and floor it! Releaseing the garbage can into a group of mailboxes and see how many you can knock down.
This one time i went GarbageCan Bowling and i picked up the heaviest garbage can i could find, at least 200lbs and we got up to 70mph on the street and i knocked over three mailboxes it sounded like a car accident
by Billy D November 16, 2003
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The art of stealing another homes garbage can and pulling it behind a fast moving vehicle and then letting it go right in front of the garbage can owners house leaving their own garbage throughout their front yard and an empty garbage can.
Hey Tom, it's garbage day and Suzy pissed me off at school today and I am thinking we should do a little garbagecan bowling tonight.
by -Steve December 13, 2008

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