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When an Anus is prolapsed or left gaping open from a large cock or object insertion, the amount of time it takes to close back up is the Gaper Delay!!
Dude, when I pulled the Nerf Football out of my girlfriends ass, she had a severe Gaper Delay!!
by AD218 July 31, 2008
The resulting delay when drivers slow down to view an accident that occurred on the opposite side of the road.
There's a 3 mile back up on Route 29 Westbound due to an accident, and a 1 mile gaper delay in the Eastbound direction.
by Juicifer Jones January 22, 2008
The amount of time it takes a fisted asshole to close back up!!

I fisted the hell out of me Julie last night!! I caused a 5 minute Gaper Delay!!
by A.D.218 August 14, 2008