1. It means 'Ruler of the Caven' in Japanese

2. Studio Gonzo's greatest achievment. It is loosly based on the novel 'The Count Of Monte Cristo' by the French historical author Alexandre Dumas. It is directed by Mahiro Meada (who did classics like Blue Submarine and duds like FFU). Rarther than do the POV of the Count (as the novel did) it uses the POV of one of the minor charachers, Albert de Moncerf. There are 24 episodes in all, in which the latter episodes (episodes 18-23) use the Gonzo mark, the giant mechas. The animation is done by a 2d layer thingyjig in Photoshop (dont ask me, i aint no animator!). The best anime since Astro Boy (thats a fact Narutards!)

3. A livejournal community with some really nice and helpful members.

Oh yeah, and the Count's now a blue vampire elf thingy. Just to let you know.
Narutard: *Upon first seeing Gankutsuou* lKyE OMG!!! tHiS iZ gIvInG mEh tEh sEiZuReS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: stupid ass Nartard.
by malik_of_darkness June 30, 2006
Top Definition
1. Literally meaning "King of the Cavern".

2. an anime series based off Alexander Dumas's book. It spans 24 episodes. Was directed by Mahiro Maeda and produced by Gonzo.

3. About a young boy in the future who wants adventure in his life. So, he goes to the moon with a friend and meets a hot, but blue, man. His name is The Count of Monte Cristo, he is creepy, but nice and cute...at first.
My friend: I love Anime!!

Me: NERD!! (secretly liking gankutsuou)
by connielove93 December 22, 2009
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