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1. a girl who is a fan of a anime/video game/book charatcher. Or a fan or a real actor/singer.

2. There are three types of Fangirl:


These are the type of fangirl i can actully stand. Has a slight obcession with the object of her desire. Reads fanfics about her chosen desire. Has about ten posters of her desire. Knows he is a fabrication (applies to anime/video games). Is literate.


A slight step up from the Normal Fangirl phase. Is aged between 12-17 yearr old. Has a Livejournal and is in no less than ten communites deticacted to the object of her desire. Writes shitty fanficton (all fanficton is shit). Sqees ALOT.
Uses those gay anime emoctions such as ^_^). Cosplays. Is seen at stores like Barnes and Noble (In America) and in Oxford Street (where i live, in the UK). Draws shitty fanart. Avoid.


This is the ultimate form of Fangirl. If you diss the object of her desire, you are doomed to a lifetime of grammar murderings. Has a Livejournal/devinart/Myspace/xanga account. Is seen at Gaia Online and Neopets FC (about 70% of the FC are on this stage already) Has about 1000000000 posters dedicated to her object. Has the entire mercenside line devoted to her desire. Creates and joins Fanlistings. writes and reads shitty yaoi fanfiction. It created FranzxAlbert. Your worst nightmare.
Normal Fangirl: I like Itachi, hes hot.
Rabid Fangirl: NOOOOO!!! ITACHI IS MINE BITCH!!!!!
Uber Fangirl: OMG!!!!!!!! ITACHI IZ MEH FURTOOR HUSBAND!!!!! LYKE WE IZ GUNNA MARRY AND HAVE 10000000000 BEBIES!!^_________________^::::: HE IZ MINE BICHTESEE!!!!!
by malik_of_darkness July 01, 2006
1. It means 'Ruler of the Caven' in Japanese

2. Studio Gonzo's greatest achievment. It is loosly based on the novel 'The Count Of Monte Cristo' by the French historical author Alexandre Dumas. It is directed by Mahiro Meada (who did classics like Blue Submarine and duds like FFU). Rarther than do the POV of the Count (as the novel did) it uses the POV of one of the minor charachers, Albert de Moncerf. There are 24 episodes in all, in which the latter episodes (episodes 18-23) use the Gonzo mark, the giant mechas. The animation is done by a 2d layer thingyjig in Photoshop (dont ask me, i aint no animator!). The best anime since Astro Boy (thats a fact Narutards!)

3. A livejournal community with some really nice and helpful members.

Oh yeah, and the Count's now a blue vampire elf thingy. Just to let you know.
Narutard: *Upon first seeing Gankutsuou* lKyE OMG!!! tHiS iZ gIvInG mEh tEh sEiZuReS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: stupid ass Nartard.
by malik_of_darkness June 30, 2006

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