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lazy way of saying "gangster" its faster to say "Ganksta" and it can be yelled "GggguhhhhannkksTAA!" etc
Rob: "whattup cuz/cuh?"
Jason: "whattup blood?"
Olivia: "whattup GANKSTA?!"
by Ganksta March 12, 2003
term for a person who creates and MMORPG character to kill steal
"hey look it dat ganksta!!! horde beware"
by GankstaSith March 13, 2008
a pimp ass person
thats a real fukin ganksta.
by lilgeezie November 04, 2003
by maggie September 20, 2003
some one named frank and is gay. then add -sta to it so it seems cooler.
Frank estupinan is a ganksta
by Shocka Clan April 16, 2005
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