A person who has become a master of his environment. A gangster gets what he wants when he wants it. It is someone who has figured out the system and and uses it to achieve his goals. Typically a gangster turns to illegal means of making money because they are more profitable. A gangster has a very high opinion of himself because he has built his life and maintains his lifestyle through his own means.

Being a gangster is not about being a violent criminal. In fact, gangsters prefer not to be violent because it often gets in the way of profits. Gangsters are not afraid to become violent when necessary though.

Respect is the second most important currency to a gangster, behind money. A true gangster gives respect, and demands it in return.

In short, a gangster is a pure capitalist, using his own resources to get what he wants.
If you can think of a famous gangster you are most likely either wrong, or thinking of an unsuccessful gangster.
by SnaikEyz September 16, 2009
Someone who wears an expensively tailored suit and carries an expensive, usually custom weapon or weapons. Usually Italian or Asian, but exceptions do exist. Participates in organized crime, usually related to bootlegging illegal drugs and weapons, but often involved with abuse of women and extortion. M1928 Thompson submachine guns and Peacemakers or M1911 Colt .45s were trademarks of Prohibition-era gangsters, but the TEC-9, MAC10, M9 Beretta, and Glock 17 are the most common weapons on today's streets.
Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, Crips, Bloods, etc. are famous gangsters.
by larsonator August 06, 2007
adjective- used to describe something when words like "cool", "dope", "crazy", "nice"... just don't cut it.
before: "My dog is a bad ass!"
after: "My dog is gangster!"

before: "That concert was awesome!"
after: "That concert was gangster!"

before: "Look at that girl over there, she's fine!"
after: "Look at that girl over there, she's gangster!"

One can also add emphasis by saying things like: gansterass or supagangster or ever supagangsterass.

before: "That concert was really awsome!"
after: "That concert was gangsterass!"

before: "Look at that fine woman!"
after: "Look at that supagangsterass woman!"

by dehm one December 03, 2006
someone who has never been a member of a criminal organisation in their sad cunting lives
(fill in name of talentless "gangster"rap "musician" of your choice)
by Wayne Fukyerself January 18, 2010
1. An individual who is part of a group, family, or gang of people. This includes crime lords, people working for the mafia, gang members, and other violent organizations.

2. Used by some teens as slang for some item or activity that seems cool, enjoyable, and is considered a good form of entertainment.
1. The gangsters in some cities are very feared.

2. That new video game is so gangster!!!
by Monkey Man2000 February 14, 2009
A member of an organised crime family such as an Italian or Russian mafia or the Japanese Yakuza. Not to be confused with gangsta. Gangsters are usually rich, and their "duties" involve everything from assassinations, to body disposal, to operating business "fronts" for the mafia. Generally mafias are also known for blackmail, prostitution, bribing, assassination, murder, loan shark-ing.
Play Grand Theft Auto III, you deal a lot with true gangsters there.
by Lone Lobo November 30, 2005
A gangster (also referred to as "mobster") is usually not what American society thinks they are. Gangsters are usually white or heavily Italian, best known as the mafia. Black gang members in the United States are usually wannabes who don't speak correctly and usually take 5 people to beat up one guy.
Al Capone is a real gangster.
by the chicken. May 04, 2015
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