killing people with guns and having babies
Christie: we'd be so gangster? whats that mean?
Sarah: killing people with guns and having babies!
“A gangster is one person who does exactly what they want and takes control of what they want to do and everyone respects that.” – Lil’ Wayne
Gangsters make that move because they wanna make that move...
by D.M.K November 19, 2009
A guy that is closed out of the community and wants his revenge by killing innocent people or people wich they THINK they're racist.
Me and my friends where together 1 time when 2 'cribs' came .They were friends of a friend of me(That is not a gangster)As we do not like posers or wannabes..We called them wannabe niggers.It was so hillarious because those tuff guys with guns were crying!(they hadn't guns just some blue things from there grandma) they left with a broken heart and next day they said we were dead...We never heard anything about them yet..
by the real metal November 14, 2008
To me, gangsters are people who think they're depressed, when they have no clue how depressing some people are.

People who are "poor" but can afford $100+ shoes, and chains.

They kill for fun.

Who discriminate against white people, when orginally we are all of the same race.

People who beat up Emos, and Goths.

People who think that they're unlucky because they're poor.
(I know that's not true because they're parents actually care about them.)

People who want to be rich, but really don't know that there is not one pro to being rich.

Girls who hate loners.

Gangsters are just another sterotype.
by deamonmetal666 July 10, 2008
someone part of an organized crime family. any race can be a gangster. to the guy saying there were no black gangster's,turn to BET at 10:00 on wednesdays and you'll see some. frank lucas is one example.
the new move 'american gangster' portrays the life of african american gangster frank lucas.
by cowboybebopfan November 04, 2007
cool, awesome. An expression of approval
Dude, that board is totally gangster!

by Cdog_01 February 22, 2009
basically... its all what alhadia said (read the second definition)

just want to add more here what those wannabe gangsters are...

*gangsters dont have myspaces... (what the fuck would a gangster be doing on a myspace??!!)

*gangsters dont kill others because of the color they wear (goddamn.. get a life)

*speaking of myspaces, gangsters dont pucker their lips (stop doing that to try & look all sexy), gangsters dont dog the camera (stop trying to be all hard! seriously!)

*gangsters have had a hard life, they join a gang because of either their family died, or their family just doesnt love them anymore because the homies will be the only family who will take care of them, support them, have their back, and love.

*if gangsters are considered "ghetto" then why the hell are they showing off all the money?
gangster: "ey homie join our gang, we'll be your family"

wangster: "I love my mom yo! she gave me all this money! ahah! ima use it on a car to show off dem other gangstas and ho's. after that, ima get jumped in a gang so i can have more friends and have sex with ho's 'cause they're easier than the hard-to-get girls, and ima carry a gun to look cool!"

by deefrom619 April 04, 2006

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