a tall, lanky person that lurches. they normally have a hunched over back and are concave shaped. they have long limbs that dangle and are uncoordinated.
That guy is such a gangle, he is so tall and unnaturally skinny.
by allieeeeeeeeeeeee r June 26, 2010
The act of throwing yourself into a pool or some other body of water in a ridiculous and haphazard fashion. Generally the best gangles include flips, twists, flailing of the limbs, and/or strange body contortions. More often than not, the best gangles happen when you don't know what you're going to do before you do it
first man: "What was that? That dude just did something in when he jumped into the pool!"

2nd man: "He just did a Gangle."

by The Orignal September 06, 2006
An oddly oblong kid whose limbs have minds of their own. Caution: Upsetting, Poking, or Feeding a gangle can have disastrous effects.
Here we see a prime example of a gangle in his natural habitat. Gangle, the other white meat. Gangle, it does a body good.
by Not someone to get mad at May 04, 2004

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