An oddly oblong kid whose limbs have minds of their own. Caution: Upsetting, Poking, or Feeding a gangle can have disastrous effects.
Here we see a prime example of a gangle in his natural habitat. Gangle, the other white meat. Gangle, it does a body good.
by Not someone to get mad at May 04, 2004
Top Definition
A person who is awkward and has disproportionate features including a very large head, slime body and long arms. Gangles have almost no control over their body due to lack of coordination.

Gangles also usually are able to touch their knees even when standing straight up and touch things without out moving from extraordinarily long distances. Usually they are male and are often subject to ridicule.

Ganglevitis is said to infect Gangles, although it is a made-up disease similar to Gingervitis. The myth is that it infects people causing there body to grow into funny and gangly shapes also destroying their souls.
Wow Chris is such a gangle! Look at how far he can reach and the way he has almost no coordination whatsoever!
by Chris Miner December 04, 2010
A lanky entity with a lack of limb coordination, spatial awareness, social propriety or vocal volume control.
Wow, that guy, who just tripped on his own feet and then sat on his own head, after making loud inappropriate remarks to my friends, is such a gangle.
by Noblong January 29, 2009
Simultaneously achieving game and angle. Also achieving greatness and or perfection.
Yo, I totally have the gangle on that gaggle of beezys.
by gangleson May 08, 2011
Abbreviation for "gay angle". Where a straight male will adopt culturally "gay" qualities to lower the guard of unsuspecting attractive females.
Dude, that guy macking your chick right now is not gay, he's totally just playing the gangle
by armsworth henley March 10, 2011
V. to gangle means to harass somebody in a physical way, using lanky goober movements and retard facial expressions
Guy1: I was with my friend byrner yesterday and he was being such a goofy bastard
Guy2: I know, he always tries to gangle with me
by jappy jappy jappy January 08, 2011
used to describe a relatively large group of people in a small social setting
We went to Sarah's apartment for a party and there was a gangle of hot women up in there.
by jkhan September 25, 2004
A lanky person who devotes his life to skittles and sprite. It is said that he drank 5 five sprites at Rockfest and was asked to leave the area.
"Don't drink more than 2 sprites in one sitting or you might become The Gangle"
by All Knowing God June 01, 2004

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