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Marijuana, weed, ect.
dude, lets go smoke some gange.
by ducky 2k March 21, 2007
50 36
dank, weed, grass, trees, get it yet?
wanna smoke some gange
by PimpC MasterB April 26, 2003
114 50
An Irish term for a complete idiot, coined by Andy Wilson from Belfast, AKA Wee Andy
Tsang, you Gange, what are you doing?
by chinesechopstix February 07, 2007
102 47
The term ganges has it's roots in Dothan,AL. The term is one of many used in the place of 'marijuana'.
"Let's smoke some ganges."
"We're about out of ganges."
"So you're going to start selling ganges?"
by Johnny November 03, 2004
12 7
a word that sounds like a disease that you would likely catch from a sluty whore.
i just caught the ganges last night from the chick at the bar.
by bmango January 07, 2010
5 4
Ginger (hair). Commonly used in Northern Ireland.
"Aw what, your hair is pure gange."
"Is it fuck. Yer ma was gange last night."
by norniron December 14, 2005
12 20
A short tempered man who gets confused between the river and the motorway network of india. He resides in the four-winds area of belfast
Shiny happy ganges holding hands. GANGES........hello fucker
by Jonny wa November 28, 2004
3 11