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Pronunciation: gANg-der.

Ethnicity: of the Asian variety.

One who is seemingly gangster yet lacking the actual membership in a gang. As opposed to real gangsters who partake in authentic gangster activities, gangders will start verbal and physical fights, steal money and spit needlessly to appear more like real gangsters.

Typical gangder activities comprises loitering and squatting, pho eating and extensive discussion of how "gangster" they are.

Gangders will try to convince you that they are real gangsters, but when asked what gang they actually belong to they will often reply "Your mum" and then kick you in the nads.
Asian #1 "Hey man check out Nelson with his BB gun, he is so gangder"

Asian #2 "Yeah I heard he shot a pigeon with that BB gun"

Asian #3"Damn, that's so gangder"
by Jaysee Wang Wang October 07, 2009
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