The most stupid fucking song known in human existence.
listened to on a regular basis by Swag Fags hoping to be different when in reality they are exactly the same as all the other millions of Swag Fags in the world, your son listens to it, you should be ashamed.
Jamie: "I was listening to Gangam style a couple of min..."
by Collapsed February 24, 2013
Top Definition
Main Name: Gan•gam-Sty•le
Pronunciation: Gon-guum--Sty-yoll
Function: sentence verb accelerator

Origin: Bum-fuck Korea

The original formation of Gangam Style comes from an ancient analogy of riding the Majestic Horse. In ancient Korean neo-Confucianism, this was used by T'oegye in his Four-Seven thesis to describe the analogy between Horse and rider. This was debated much by fellow philosopher Kobong who believed more in the moonlight analogy which would later form the base for the Twilight series. It was rebirthed by hip korean music rapper/artist "Psi" who consulted the ancients over a large bowl of opium mixed with heroine and donkey shit. He later revamped the analogy into a song about a way of life in Korea and uses the horse method in this dance as the rider. This can also be used as a sex position known as the "OPPA Pony Ride". This has created a new movement of young children pretending to ride a horse singing Korean words they don't know what mean. With over 1 billion views now, you either like it, or you are a North Korean bastard.
Kid one: "Oppa Gangam Style!!"

Kid two: Sirry Amewican, Dat Song is blasphemy in my cowntry of the bressed North Korea"

Kid one: "I can't decide if I should slit your throat or castrate you while I dance away on my air-pony."

Psi pops out and bitch slaps both then fucks their moms at the same time.

Ex 2.

Song clip in English

My name is psi, I talk about how in gangam we super cold ya.
In spelling the G to the S but we missing F like CJ in GTA SA yo 'ja
We fuck bitches like ponies, do coke like Charlie and wear glasses like Harry potter smokin good DoJa
Kim Jong Il couldn't hold our swag so he keeled over why we got weed mixed with dust all gettin rolled ya.

Fuck all the bitches in SK while they do yoga
(Fo sho bru)
Take them to club, slip them E while we make cake and

Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance Liiiikke......
the Fucken Gangam Style
by Kilandarous420 December 22, 2012
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