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A hardcore punk band in the mid eighties that were all about partying hard and getting themselves messed up. Though some people disagreed with their antics (such as spelling their band name in cocaine on one album cover) the music was enjoyable, and the only people who disliked them were straight-edge punks. Gang Green was anti-stright edge and completely amazing in every sense of the word. They were one of the best punk bands of their day, easily in ranks with the Dead Kennedys, Gigi Allin, and Circle Jerks.
Punk Fan 1: My dad told me back in college he saw Gang Green live, I was jealous.

Punk Fan 2: Seriously? Awesome. I wish I could've seen Gang Green.
by MF Greth August 15, 2006
A nickname for the NFL football team, New York Jets. It is a combination of a Gang referring to the "Team members" and the Color of the "New York Jets"- Green.
Lets go gang green, we'll win a Superbowl soon!
by jetsfan1 April 21, 2011
A reference to the NFLTeam the NEW YORK JETS and their fanbase
After a series of terrible drafts ganggreen is left to ponder what they did to deserve this luck
by gdelia928 May 10, 2007
Nickname for Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
I need a car NOW while mine is broke down, I better call the boys over at Gang Green before they close.
by Jacob2680 June 19, 2007
the hardest, baddest gang in d-town nigga. they be rollin up in here wit dey brims real low and they bandanas on and those niggas robbed me BLIND NIGGA. i ain't seen a harder gang since i was lookin at my dick durin back door sluts 9 ya herr?
that gang green just rolled up in here wit dey guitars, cameras, hockey sticks, glasses, paintbrushes drumsticks and whatever else they muh fuh got and they blasted dis joint up!
by gang green November 17, 2006
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