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Also written as "gammer" pronounced as 'gum-mer'
Used for people who have absolutely no idea about videogames or have recently started playing videogames and act all Boss and shit in front of Veteran/Master Gamers.

On Facebook:
Gammars can be identified by their shitty grammer and half-assed posts regarding a recent videogame and claims of finishing the game and showering it with praise. When told that the game sucked and they are idiots, gammars respond with weak insults and bold claims that are easily used against them.

Signs of a Gammar:
- Too retarded to use Google.
- Cant comprehend the word Sarcasm and it's use.
- Cant speak nor understand Proper English.
- Confirmed 'Accident'
- Cant understand the word Nostalgia and it's use.
- Always asks stupid questions.
- Purchases games only because he/she heard it was popular.
- Praises games for it's Graphics, never pays attention to the other aspects of games.
- Believes Piracy is actually good for everyone.
- Thinks playing Retro Games is stupid.
- Thinks he/she is the only one who has a life.
- TyPeS lIkE DiX.
- Obviously Sexually Frustrated and Confused.
- Obnoxious Dude-Bro.
- Lacks the common sense of using Keyboard Shortcuts in RTS games.
- Thinks all RPGs are JRPGs.
- Takes pictures of himself/herself with a controller/bunch of videogames and calls himself/herself a nerd.

The first 3 signs are critical when it comes to dubbing one a gammer.
Jim: Dude, i caught my GF taking pictures with my controller. Bitch left teeth marks on the Wire, i need to replace that shit.
Mac: She plays games?
Jim: Only Farmville, why?
Mac: She's a gammar.
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