Function: noun. Gamma is used to describe the ability some women have to attract men with practically no effort. Much like the Hulk in the comics absorbed gamma rays from a gamma bomb that transformed him into a raging monster, this woman enters a bar and absorbs all the attention of the men in the bar, transforming her into the trophy of the night. Any guy who leaves with her has conquered the beast and deserves the respect of all other men.
Damn, did you see that chick who walked into the bar. Every guy has been hitting on her; her gamma is unreal!
by Daily Dose April 11, 2007
A female easily susceptible to groupthink due to lack of moral courage and fortitude.
'Mean Girl' bullies exploit gamma weaknesses to serve their purposes.
by pushback October 23, 2012
Date rape drugs, sometimes taken by people in college who can't sleep
dangerous if mixed with alcohol
"Alan is crazy man! he took 4 doses of gamma and threw up like crazy"
by lad March 18, 2003
a young white person (offen middle class) who dress's and talks like a urban street black man in a over the top manner, they try so hard that they irratate everyone.
what a stupid fucking gamma
by grumpyboy September 13, 2005
Women who will only have a relationship with black men
She is a gamma
by Dawson July 15, 2003

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